Meet me on the Meowntain

Hello there! Its me, your favorite cat person!

This past weekend we were in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Tennessee exploring mountains and being outdoorsy. When I say being outdoorsy I don’t mean drinking moon shine outside on a porch swing, although that did happen.

Let me tell you, driving a Camry up a mountain was just a little terrifying. We stayed in a cute little cabin in the middle on nowhere on the side of a mountain. Literally on the SIDE of a mountain. Like if I jumped off the balcony I would fall several dozen feet before hitting the bottom.

It was nice for the weekend but I wouldn’t want to live there. The winding roads and driving up and down hills made me homesick (and carsick) for my very flat very straight roads of Miami. We do plan on going back when its warmer to do mountain biking and white water rafting. Zip lining in the cold was fun, until it wasn’t, and that’s going to be a post all by itself.


Stay adventurous my friends



Past life and laughter

Happy post Valentine’s Day!

Last night I saw Wicked the musical with my best friend Grizzy instead of going on a date with my man. (He was working and we had plans for the weekend anyway.)

It was her first time, my third. It was as amazing as the first time I saw it almost 10 years ago.

It reminded me of my high school days on the stage and how much I miss performing. I always get emotional seeing live shows because I know the feeling of hot lights in your face and getting a laugh from the audience at just the right moment. It’s this crazy adrenaline rush that gives you a high for the rest of the night.

Stepping into a character and becoming another person takes a lot out of you and reveals a lot about you as well. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, you have to push yourself past your comfort zone and open up to strangers who may or may not like what you have to say.

I miss the laughter the most. When you say the funniest line in the script and you have to suppress your own laugh because the audience won’t stop laughing. That’s the best feeling in the world, making people laugh.

Maybe I’ll get back into it some day. I could audition to be Blanche Dubois in the Hialeah rendition of A Street Car Named Desire. Or maybe I’ll become a stage mom like mine was and make all the costumes for the shows and bring all the snacks. Either one of those options would make me happy.

Stay laughing my friends.

10 Things to accomplish in 2018

New year, new me!

Actually, not really.

It’s more like new year, same me spending too much money on things I shouldn’t and being a procrastinator and letting the laundry sit in a basket for two weeks before it gets put away. Can anyone else relate?

This year is going to be busy. We’ve already planned most of our travels (we are going to A LOT of places), there’s a short list of home improvement goals sitting on the refrigerator door, and there may or may not be a baby in the works towards the end of the year.

Yes, yes, I know, everyone wants a little baby Cookiss.

This is the year I get my grown-up shit together. I can hold down a job, pay my bills, feed and clothe myself and the cat; but what about the other things that come from growing up? Accountability? Reliability? Punctuality (hardy har har, me? Yeah right)?

Here are some things I’d like to accomplish this year

1. Learn to be on time
Edward HATES being late. Many an argument has spawned because I always seem to be blow-drying my hair when we really should be leaving to see a concert (or catch a plane, or see a movie). Not to mention I’m always late for work. In my defense I do live veeeeeeeey close to the heart of Hialeah and there is always crazy traffic on 49th street. This being said, I know there’s going to be traffic, I know I should leave 20 minutes early instead of 10 but I do it anyway. I need to start being more aware of things and GET OUT THE DOOR.

2. Stay focused
In November of 2016 I took the course to get my realtor license. I can sell ice to an Eskimo, so selling houses shouldn’t be any harder. I keep putting off taking the state exam because I haven’t been studying and I haven’t studied because Netflix keeps suggesting shows to binge watch. I need to do this if I ever want to get out of bartending.

3. Stop procrastinating
Don’t let the dishes pile up for days. Don’t let the laundry sit in the basket and only pick out clean underwear. Don’t let the dust balls accumulate under the dining room table. Clean the house, clean the car, wash your hair, take nap. DONE! Don’t make cleaning a 3 day ordeal.

4. Call my mother
Because everyone should call their mother more

Isn’t she adorable?

5. Read more books (cookbooks don’t count)
I have a goal of 30 by the end of the year. Last year I averaged about 5. Audio books count too.

6. Get outside
I seem to be allergic to the sun and that needs to change.

7. Get more active
This doesn’t mean “go to the gym” because that’s not for everyone and that’s not a solution to the problem. This means do some backyard yoga, chase some Pokémon in the park, do something else other than binge watch The X-Files and clean the house. Obviously cleaning the house is important but please see number 3 if you’re confused as to why cleaning the house would be a problem.

8. Stop spending unnecessary money on food.
If this sounds weird to you then you’ve never bought a $10 bag of goji berries because you read somewhere that they were good for you. They are, they taste gross, they’re sitting in my pantry practically untouched. As a chef I’m always willing to try new things. I need to try this new spice, the weird vegetable, the crazy new chicken sausage from Whole Foods. Well there goes what I made all week on chicken sausage. I need to sit back and plan my meals and have a reason to purchase things. Meal plans do actually work people. They keep you healthy and keep money in your pocket.

9. Stop spending money on unnecessary clothes
I love a good deal. I love when old navy has buy one get one for a dollar sandals, I love when ModCloth has 30% off dresses, I love when I buy sunglasses at Macy’s and get Plenti points. Do I need those things? Probably not. I, like most women, have a closet and TWO dressers full of clothing that I don’t wear. I need to make better decisions when buying clothes and actually wear what I already have and donate what I don’t want.

10. De clutter
Speaking of donations, I have a problem with keeping little things. I like matchbooks from bars we’ve gone to, stickers from artists in Wynwood, a million pins from Disney that are just sitting in a drawer somewhere. Making better purchasing decisions also goes out to other things too. Bring less home, have less waste, save the whales! Or something like that.

Look at all my cute stuff! Hopefully they’ll help me stay on track.

I have a couple of unofficial goals like write more blog posts, plan to save for baby, and wash my hair more than twice a week; but those aren’t as inspirational as the others ones. What are some of your goals for the new year?