S’more or less

How many of you have ever eaten a s’more?

I’ve made some bootlegged over a BBQ grill melted marshmallows but I don’t reaaaally think that counts. Hey, I used to toast marshmallows over a lighter when I was little because I wanted some gooey deliciousness. Whatever gets you there is a-ok.

Funny thing is, as an adult I don’t like them as much. I do enjoy vegan ones occasionally on a sweet potato, but to smoosh it with some chocolate on a cracker isn’t really my every day excitement. Especially because I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. Anyway, lets move on from me being a chocolate hating marshmallow snob to the important things.

How to build a s’more

Step 1
Gather your ingredients and arrange on a plate in a way appealing to the eye

Step 2
Without setting your cabin in the woods on fire, ignite a small flame in your fireplace

Step 3
Toast your fully marshmallows until you can no longer tell what they were to begin with

Step 4
In no particular order combine marshmallows, chocolate of your choosing, and graham cracker into a layered sandwich

Step 5


Baby its cold outside

I love the holidays

All of them, all the winter ones, spring, summer, fall.

Any excuse to get together with family and friends and have a good time.

This year we bought our first home and its already been filled with so many memories.

We decided (I decided) to take some cute pictures by the tree for a Christmas card this year. Here’s me and the cat looking terrified because I wrapped her in lights.

We still haven’t exactly figured out the whole I’m-a blogger-and-I-always-take-perfect-pictures thing. Mainly because life isn’t perfect and most of my pictures look like this. Because I’m weird and silly and Edward can’t take a good picture of me to save his life (sorry boo).

My grandmother calls me pie face for a reason guys.

Anyway, we over here at the Hialeah house wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Another day, another chicken on the grill

I’m sitting outside on my rarely used patio writing this because its fall in Miami which means its 77 degrees outside with a humidity index of 64%. Yes, I’m wearing a sweater. Yes, I’m also wearing shorts because I like to be warm and cool at the same time. I don’t appreciate your judgement.

As the very first post I’m supposed to be telling you all about myself and what this blog will be composed of, but if you’ve ever had a conversation with me in real life then you know that I can’t stick to one topic. Lots of thought bubbles with lots of random information. That’s pretty much what it’s going to be like reading this. A couple of recipe posts, a couple of pictures of my face, a lot of info about plants and how I usually kill them because the only thing I can keep alive is Mimi the cat.


Today we’re sitting here trying to reorganize the back yard to accommodate the shed we were in desperate need of. As I sit here staring at the neighbors mango tree that conveniently hangs over into our yard (this means that’s half our tree) I’m remembering the fantastic season we had this summer. This house has already brought us lots of memories and headaches and we haven’t even been here a year.

Now, I need to go check on my chicken and quinoa because it smells like one of them is burning.




If you’re interested in what I’m eating tonight its my weekly go to chicken from Trader Joes, quinoa made with chicken stock, and cherry tomatoes from the Pinecrest farmers market broiled with italian seasoning.